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About The Cookingfishmonger

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Frank Andra and the cookingfishmonger is my little spot in the internet world, to share my passion for seafood and cooking.

I was in the seafood business, both retail and wholesale for 21 years, starting at the ripe young age of 19. I really enjoyed the retail part of the business, this gave me a chance to help people in cooking and buying fish and seafood.

Over the years I found that many of the new customers had no idea about fish and cooking it. They ended up at the store because they were needing or wanting to add more fish into their diet. But they were lost on what to buy, what a certain fish taste like and had no idea on how to cook it.

The cookingfishmonger gives me the opportunity to continue sharing information about fish and seafood.

I hope you find the the information here at the cookingfishmonger helpful. If you cannot find a answer for what you are looking for, you can ask me here. You can also contact me here.

Thanks for stopping by.


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