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Ahi Tuna Tartare ?

by Stuart
(New York, NY)

Can you use frozen Ahi tuna in tuna tartare recipes?

Hi Stuart
I personally would not use frozen Tuna for tartare.

Anytime that you will be eating raw fish or shellfish it is best to buy the freshest and best quality that you can find.

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by: Natalie Sztern

I have this horrible fear of getting a worm from raw fish (goes back to childhood memories of mother tasting raw gefilte fish and getting a huge worm) so to make tartare I always freeze my fish first and then defrost to make tartare.

Someone, so long ago, told me this step will ensure I kill any bacteria on the fish????? Am I wrong? I have another question here goes...

Montreal suburb I live in has a fishmonger who absolutely without a doubt, I am told, carries THE BEST FISH fresh. Since this is a huge Kosher suburb; and a wealthy one this fishmonger is doing a bang-up job. However, whenever I walk in to his store the smell makes me want to puke. I cannot imagine why and how his customers take the smell and more importantly 'why does it smell'? I cannot seem to get anyone I know to agree with me: in fact they swear by his fish and will not go anywhere else.

What do you think about this, considering the most important part of knowing you have fresh fish is the smell; in addition to color etc...

Could it be he cuts so much fish he is not able to control the smell?

Montreal is a crazy place to buy fish: another fantastic and clean fishmonger who makes THE BEST LOX in this city has a huge and fantastic fish store on Victoria Ave. If you ask him if his fish is fresh or ask to smell it: he kicks u out saying in broken English/Greek...what do you think I would serve you bad fish...and yes, you have to leave and never come back...on the other hand if you kibbitz with him and never ask if the fish is fresh or to smell it, he treats you like a Queen/King when you buy...

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