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Any Tips on Baking Stuffed Fish?

by Joseppy
(Winneconne, WI)

I have a good recipe for a shrimp and crab stuffing for fish. However, whenever I make it, the fish always makes the stuffing way too moist/watery. I've tried several different types of fish fillets: haddock, orange roughy, cod, sole, both fresh and frozen. The stuffing is thick and kind of dry when I prepare the dish.

Fish on the bottom of a baking dish, the stuffing, and another layer of fish. I cook it covered for 25 minutes at 375 and then uncovered the last 5 minutes. It always comes out watery.

Any ideas?


Hi Joseppy

Here are somethings you could try.

Try baking your fish on a broiler pan so the water that cooks out of the fish, drips into the pan below. You might have to adjust your cooking time and instead of a lid for the cover use aluminum foil.

You also could try baking the top and bottom piece separate. Let them cook until they our half way done, then place the top piece of fish on top of the shrimp and crab and finish cooking. This would eliminate a lot of the water that comes out of fish during the first half of baking them.

Lastly you could cut the top fish in half length wise and just lay it on either side of the topping.

Hope these ideas help.
Let me know.

Thanks for visiting the cookingfishmonger.

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