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Grandpa's Sweet Fried Prawns

When I first came up with this recipe, we were camping and I used fresh caught crawfish, but it is just as good with prawns. 1 lb Peeled and deveined

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Eating Seafood While Pregnant

Good Morning America had Dr. Laura Jana, who is an expert pediatrician talking about pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Very good info here, video is about six minutes long

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Best Lobster Bisque Recipe

Best lobster bisque recipe; this recipe follows more of the classical bisque recipe.

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Recipe for Baked Salmon | Steaks or Fillets

Recipe for baked salmon steaks with bacon, diced tomatoes, onions and lemon slices.

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Cooking Fish Without The Extremely Fishy Smell?

HELP soooooooo sick of everyone who cooks these fish always fry them , because they say ...can't stand the fishy smell cooked any other way. The list

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Fish for Bouillabaisse

Can you list commonly available fish that are firm when cooked and those that are flaky? Bouillabaisse recipes ask for 2-3 types of firm and 2-3 types

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Scallops at Robinsons Wharf, Southport, ME

I love the way scallops are prepared at Robinsons Wharf, Southport, ME; the coating is so light - a barely their sort. I'd like to know their secret batter.

Continue reading "Scallops at Robinsons Wharf, Southport, ME"

Get Rid of the Smell of Cooking Raw Shrimp

What can I put in the water to take away the smell? Answer Hi Elizabeth Here are a few things that might help with the smell of cooking shrimp. Using

Continue reading "Get Rid of the Smell of Cooking Raw Shrimp"

Easy Lobster Bisque Recipe | Lobster Bisque Soup

This easy lobster bisque recipe does not have all the vegetables that many types of bisque have. This is just a simple and fast lobster soup recipe that still has lots of flavor.

Continue reading "Easy Lobster Bisque Recipe | Lobster Bisque Soup"

Caribbean Tuna Jerk Recipe

Friends and I like to fish, we'll go on 3/4, 1 day, & overnight fishing trips. Friends also bring me fresh tuna. Cut fish into 1 1/2 inch steaks, rub

Continue reading "Caribbean Tuna Jerk Recipe"

Scallop Facts | What is a Scallop | How to Buy Scallops

Scallop Facts; Learn more about Sea and Bay Scallops including Scallop nutrition

Continue reading "Scallop Facts | What is a Scallop | How to Buy Scallops"

Ahi Tuna Tartare ?

Can you use frozen Ahi tuna in tuna tartare recipes? Hi Stuart I personally would not use frozen Tuna for tartare. Anytime that you will be eating raw

Continue reading "Ahi Tuna Tartare ?"

Storing Cooked Shrimp in the Refrigerator

If I'm not going to use the shrimp until the next day is it best to peel before putting them in the frig or should I put them in unpeeled? TX Hi Gini

Continue reading "Storing Cooked Shrimp in the Refrigerator"

Easy Grilled Salmon Recipe | For Salmon Steak or Fillet

Easy grilled Salmon steaks with a lemon-steak sauce marinade.

Continue reading "Easy Grilled Salmon Recipe | For Salmon Steak or Fillet"

Ordering From Your Local Fishmonger?

Hello - I am new to cooking whole fish, and just learning my way around the local fishmonger shop. I had purchased pre-cleaned whole trout from the local

Continue reading "Ordering From Your Local Fishmonger?"

Oven Cooking A 20lb. Catfish

How long do you cook a 20lb. catfish in the oven? My nephew just called from NC and he just caught and weighted this catfish. Please let me know so I can

Continue reading "Oven Cooking A 20lb. Catfish"

Cooking Red Snapper Fillets On The Grill?

How do you keep the Snapper fillets from being mushy? I cook it on a piece of foil on the grill. Answer Hi Sunny That is a tough question to answer

Continue reading "Cooking Red Snapper Fillets On The Grill?"

Internal Temperature For Perfectly Cooked Fish?

All the tables I have been able to find regarding fish doneness only provide approximate cooking times and not internal temperatures. I prefer my fish

Continue reading "Internal Temperature For Perfectly Cooked Fish?"

Tuna Steaks Sauces

Hello Folks, I have bought some frozen Tuna steaks,I have never cooked them before. But would like to accompany the fish with a sauce. Any suggestions?

Continue reading "Tuna Steaks Sauces"

What Fish is Similar to Flying Fish?

We had flying fish in Barbados. We liked it. We have some recipes. We would like to find a fish similar to it that is readily available in New England.

Continue reading "What Fish is Similar to Flying Fish?"

Preparing Scallops-How to Clean a Scallop

How do you get the sand out of scallops? Answer Hi Ellen The most common way to remove the sand or grit is to rinse them under cold running water and

Continue reading "Preparing Scallops-How to Clean a Scallop"

Baking Numerous Whole Fish Together

I would like to serve up whole black bream for a dinner party of 10 people. My fishmonger often has them small enough to serve one per person. If I cook

Continue reading "Baking Numerous Whole Fish Together"

Recipes for Bonita and Wahoo Fish

I have frozen bonita and wahoo and I can't find any recipes or anything about how to prepare these two types of fish. Can you help? Answer Hi Sue Both

Continue reading "Recipes for Bonita and Wahoo Fish"

Cooking Lifeless Whole Lobster

IF LOBSTER DOES NOT MOVE IS IT STILL GOOD TO COOK? Answer Hi Toni A good and safe rule of thumb for whole lobster is, do not cook dead lobsters. Now

Continue reading "Cooking Lifeless Whole Lobster"

Can You Cook Frozen Shrimp?

I brought some great shrimp home from North Carolina- I cook them in boiling water and we peel and question is can the shrimp be put into the

Continue reading "Can You Cook Frozen Shrimp?"

Cooking Whole Fish

Should one always remove the scales before cooking a whole fish? Is there a cooking method that's more suitable for a fish with scales intact? Answer

Continue reading "Cooking Whole Fish"

Types of Firm Fish?

I have a recipe for Monkfish but was wondering what other types of fish are chunky and do not flake when cooking? Thanks Answer Hi Andy Monkfish is classified

Continue reading "Types of Firm Fish?"

Seasoning Crab Legs in the Oven?

What do I season crab legs with if I'm cooking them in the oven? Answer This works for the oven too. steaming crab leg

Continue reading "Seasoning Crab Legs in the Oven?"

Fishy Fish Taste

How can I stop the fish I cook from tasting fishy. It seems no matter what I do it has a taste to it that isn't pleasant. Hi Tami In the comments, could

Continue reading "Fishy Fish Taste"

Cover Up The Fishy Taste

My husband loves fish, I hate the taste. What can i use when cooking salmon or tilapia to help cover the fishy taste? Answer Not sure if this will help

Continue reading "Cover Up The Fishy Taste"


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