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Cooking Fish Without The Extremely Fishy Smell?

by mishell

HELP soooooooo sick of everyone who cooks these fish always fry them , because they say ...can't stand the fishy smell cooked any other way.

The list of fish is as follows...sardines, smelts,butter fish,catfish, snapper-all, trout, orange roughy, walleye.

So how can I cook these fish without the linger smell in the kitchen, so as to introduce others to explore the wonderful world of the palette ( sorry if I didn't spell it correctly...just hit a Pavlov's moment ! ).

Again help, remember me I love squid, octopus.. . that's as far as I've gotten so far. As long as it's not slimy, I'll try it... okay I do have the option of al
ways saying no thank you, just tell me the truth about it first, then I may or may not.

Not trying to prove anything to anyone , but you never know it might turn out to be your absolutely favorite, as is calamari to me know... I'm ( terrifed of the live ones in the aquariums!!! ). But I can sure eat them .

Hi Mishell

To help eliminate the smell of cooked fish, try place a small bowl of vinegar out on the counter, after you cook the fish. Once you start to smell vinegar the smell of the fish should be gone.

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What is the full list of shellfish global ?
by: mishell

Frank, thank you so much. You are a G-dsend.Now I have a question for you, is squid, octopus deemed a shellfish ? So many ...Chefs say no, I've even asked the National History Museum, none have a definative answer, so what are they...many of my family are allergic to shellfish ( crabs, lobster,clams... ), will I ever get them to try other seafoods, or will I end up accidently poisoning them ( JEEZ praying I don't !!!) Help, once again.

Cooking Fish Without the Extremely Fishy Smell
by: Nat

I soak my fish in milk before I cook it; this includes shrimp as well. Not mussels or lobster and I have never cooked a clam

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