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Cover Up The Fishy Taste

My husband loves fish, I hate the taste. What can i use when cooking salmon or tilapia to help cover the fishy taste?


Not sure if this will help you much, but you can give it a try.

Remove all of the dark colored meat before cooking.

On Salmon you will find this meat between the skin and the meat. Tilapia might have some red color on the top of the fillet.

Soak your fish in salt water before cooking.

Use lots of fresh squeezed lemon after you cook the fish. You might also try to mask the taste will sauces and seasonings.

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Don't eat fish if you don't like it.
by: Keith Robinson

Have something you do like instead.
More fish for your fish-loving husband, and you enjoy your meal. Sure it is another thing to cook, but you could enlist your beau to cook your meal.
If you have been blessed with very sensitive taste buds, you could try exploring new items. People rave about truffles, but to me they don't taste of much. You might find a few shavings on an simple omelette amazing. Likewise fine wines - I can spot a cheap and nasty wine but a really expensive wine is wasted on my palate.
I hope your chap forgives me for suggesting expensive tastes...

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