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Farm Raised Catfish

Most of the Farm Raised Catfish that you will find in stores or markets has been raised and processed in Mississippi, known world wide for their farms and processing plants. The Catfish Capitol of the world is Belzoni, Ms.


Farm Raised Catfish are available as either Whole, Fillets, Steaks, Nuggets and Strips. The tips below are some of the things I learned in the 20 some years I sold and have cooked catfish.

When it comes to whole catfish many people will shy away from them because of the bones. But I can tell you, a whole catfish cooked anyway you like to cook it will have a sweeter, better flavor because of cooking it with the bone in. Catfish just have a backbone no little hair bones strung out through the meat. If I'm going to serve whole catfish I always clean out the black belly lining I think it has some off flavor and the black is not appetizing to me.

As far as the best size to buy for good flavor, I like what you would call pan size about 10 inches in length and somewhere between 9 and 13oz each.


When buying catfish fillets, whether fresh or frozen look for a smaller fillet, what the catfish or food industry would call a 3 to 5 oz fillets.

Smaller fillets like this are likely not to have a membrane or a lot of fatty tissue causing a off or fishy flavor,they are so tender and sweet.

When buying frozen make sure the smaller looking fillets in the bag are a true fillets and not some big fillet cut up in pieces. Also, look for a pink color in the meat.

This means it's has not been frozen to long. The longer catfish are frozen they will turn whiter almost a chalky white and lose that pink tint.


Nuggets are nothing more than the belly flaps of catfish, usually cheaper but, to me not as tasty as the fillet. Many people like this not only for the price but they do tend to have a fuller flavor than the fillets.

As far as the black lining I would suggest you scrub it off.


Strips are a diagonal cut of a large fillet. You can find these either fresh, frozen or breaded. Once again with the strips being cut from larger fish you have a better chance of off flavor


Steaks are made by vertical cutting a large catfish. The large center cuts of the farm raised catfish are great for grilling.


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