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Fishy Fish Taste

by Tami

How can I stop the fish I cook from tasting fishy. It seems no matter what I do it has a taste to it that isn't pleasant.

Hi Tami
In the comments, could you tell me what kinds of fish you have been cooking?


Hi Tami
Sorry for the delay in responding to you.

Salmon and Whiting will have a stronger flavor. So let's try some other mild fish instead.

Halibut is pricey but very mild in flavor. I find Alaskan Pollock to be mild also. You might also try Grouper, Haddock, Flounder, Lake Victoria perch and Tilapia.

I'm kinda of surprised that Cod is fishy to you.

See if you can find some Icelandic Cod, this is usually sweet and very mild in flavor.

On the Salmon you could try to remove the darker meat that is between the skin and the meat. This darker meat does have a stronger flavor.

Hope this helps you out. Let me know?

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Nice comments guys
by: Kalsang

Well the best way I think will be putting the fish In a steamer for 2 minutes In a state of medium raw. The steaming will vapour out the saltiness and fishy taste to some level. The fish should be kept In a plastic and tear small part of the plastic so the water will go out of the fish. You will get a nice fish in the end .

Removing strong fish taste
by: Patty

Giving the fish a milk bath for up to an hour also helps to tone down the strong taste.

Types of fish
by: Tami

I have been cooking cod, whiting, and salmon. And each time they really taste fishy. I tried soaking some in salty water and it helped somewhat. You got any other ideas? Thanks for your help.

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