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Fishy Tasting Frozen Shrimp

by Linda Aaron
(Delray Beach, FL)

I buy jumbo frozen deveined shrimp and sometimes it tastes too fishy. Can I defrost the shrimp in milk to take away the strong taste?

Hi Linda

Defrosting in milk will not take away the fishy taste. My guess is that sometimes the shrimp that you buy where not properly handled in the process somewhere.

Which would result in a off flavor shrimp.

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Thawing shrimp
by: BBQBear

I find that a lot of people tend to thaw their frozen fish & shrimp in the package that it came in. Always remove the product from the package first and thaw (best done in the fridge) in a glass container. You can run it under cold water to speed up the process (but you risk losing some of the flavor). You don't say whether you are dealing with cooked, peeled shrimp or raw frozen with in the shells. I only use raw frozen with the shells. When the shrimp are thawed but still frosty I peel and devein. Save the shells for stock. You may get a "fishy" taste if they sit for too long in the shell.

BTW, they flavor of shrimp have a lot to do with where they came from, what they last ate and how they were handled before you got them. I find wild caught Gulf Shrimp are best -- farm raised pink shrimp I avoid.

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