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Fishy Tasting Shrimp?

by Pamela Dace
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Okay, I think I have the perfect quick and easy one-dish guest meal. I purchase frozen, cooked, shelled, de-veined shrimp from an expensive specialty store that claims the shrimp have never been thawed. (I thaw it in the refrig in a colender.)

I boil some penne, and drop the shrimp in the water the last few seconds to get it hot without overcooking. Then I drain and toss in a bowl with olive oil, fresh lemon juice and zest, and fresh parsley. I add stir-fried asparagus, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, and pinenuts .... then top with fresh grated parmesean.

Problem is ... the shrimp tastes fishy! (I don't want to try to mask the taste with creamy sauce because everyone wants to eat lighter than that.) Please help!

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Cookingfishmongers Answer
by: The Cookingfishmonger

Hi Pamela
First of all what a wonderful dish.

Now for the fishy tasting shrimp problem.

With out seeing or smelling the shrimp it is hard to say why they are fishy smelling.

Cooked P&D shrimp usually don't have much flavor to them at all. I personally have not found any brand of cooked shrimp that had any flavor to them.

There is nothing you can do to take the fishy taste out of cooked shrimp.

So my suggestion is to purchase some gulf shrimp (often advertised as wild American shrimp) in the shell, peel and devein them and cook them yourself.

You would just have to cook them a little longer, than the cooked shrimp you heated up. But not to long as they will keep cooking after you bring them out. Which I'm sure you know.

Now for buying gulf shrimp, brown shelled shrimp will have a more fuller shrimp flavor. White shelled shrimp are milder and a little sweeter.

Since you are in Arizona you might be able to find a market that carries Mexican white shrimp.
That would be my choice for this dish.

Thanks for visiting

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