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How To Cut Lobster Tails

How do you separate the lobster meat from the tail once you have cooked it?


If you are just after the meat itself and not serving it with the tail.

Take a pair of kitchen shears and cut away the bottom part of the tail. Make a cut along the top, length wise down the center of the tail.

Pry each side of the shells away from the meat. If you find this difficult and the meat is still stuck to the shell. Take a knife and run it in between the shell and the meat to disconnect the meat from the shell.

If you are serving the tail in the shell.

Using kitchen shears make your first cut on the top, down the center length wise. Make another cut on the bottom, in the center length wise.

Where you have made your cut on top, take a sharp knife and cut through the lobster meat.

This will give you a split lobster tail and looks very nice for plating.

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