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Internal Temperature For Perfectly Cooked Fish?

by Pat
(Amarillo TX)

All the tables I have been able to find regarding fish "doneness" only provide approximate cooking times and not internal temperatures.

I prefer my fish cooked just enough and on the moist side. I enjoy salmon medium-rare to medium.

However, for cod, halibut and other similar fish isn't there an internal temperature chart for each type of fish?

Lastly, what should an instant-read thermometer read for perfectly cooked cod?

Hi Pat

This is a great question. Unlike other meats where you have different temperatures to achieve the doneness of your meat.

Fish has always had one temperature for being done.

The internal temperature for a "done" fish should be 145 degrees. At this temperature the fish should be opaque throughout and flake easily when tested with a fork.

Like you, I prefer my Salmon to be medium, so the internal temperature will not be 145.

As far as the internal temperature for other fish. I think you will need to test some fish to find the right internal temperature for the way you like your fish cooked.

I know that on Cod and Halibut, I under cook mine a little so it is moister. But I never have checked the temperature, but will next time.

Let me know if this helps you and what internal temperatures you find works best for you.

Thanks for visiting the Cookingfishmonger.

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by: Anonymous

I took Camilla's suggestion and my slab of fresh Cobia turned out perfect! Thanks for the tip.

by: Camellia

I got 1-1/2 inch thick first season of wild halibut. This web site recommend 145 degree internal temperature for baked halibut. I must say that it was too over cooked even with olive oil coated and warped in a piece of parchment paper. It would be good if you like well cooked. My family likes moist fish. I have to try 136 or so for thick piece next time, then count on carry over cooking for fish to be 140 to be highest finishing temp. Although I think I would prefer 138 to be the finishing temp. How would you like your halibut ?

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