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Mushy Striped Bass?

Why is the fresh striped bass I cook always mushy? I've tried grilling, frying, deep frying. I cook and cook it and it is still mushy. It's like it never get done. I cooked a whole one on the grill for an hour. It was beautiful on the outside and mush on the inside. What's up?


Hi Scott
I really can't give you a definite answer to your problem. Striped bass is known for it's firmer texture when cooked. Usually about the only time a firm textured fish will be mushy after cooking is due to some type of mishandling or over marinating. But that doesn't seem to be your problem. I'll make some calls to see if I can find you a definite answer. In the mean time maybe another visitor will have some thoughts on this.

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now what
by: Anonymous

I caught my striper and put it on ice then the fridge and ate it the next day, and still mushy.

Same problem here
by: Anonymous

I recently caught striped bass and froze it. When I baked it the fish was mush (yuck). I only froze it one time and for less than a month. I baked it and was very distressed at the outcome. Any thoughts?

Mushy fish
by: Anonymous

I have been seeking answers as to why my previously frozen tilapia and flounder portions have turned into mush when cooked. I have had success with thawed portions of both fish when baked on a lightly oiled cookie tray. I have had success with the tilapia when thawed, breaded and fried in oil. After frying potatoes in either vegetable oil or olive oil and putting in a thawed portion of unbreaded fish, I have gotten mush. First, for my methods which have not worked, I will attempt to do them with frozen fish. Second, I will never try to cooked thawed, unbreaded fish in copious amounts of oil or butter.

Mushy Fish
by: Anonymous

My guess would be that the stripped bass you are buying has been frozen and thawed more than once. Improper freezing and handling will cause the cells in the flesh to break down and become mushy.
Try buying from another source to confirm this. Ask if the fish has ever been frozen. Freezing fish is necessary and if done properly it will taste like it was just caught.

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