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Mushy Stuffed Flounder?

by JoAnn

Twice I have prepared flounder with a cracker,shrimp,crab and seasoning stuffing, rolled and baked it and twice the flounder has come out mushy. The stuffing is good but the fish disintegrates into a sort of paste. What am I doing wrong?

Hi JoAnn
When you say paste, I'm thinking mushy here. Sometimes when baking stuffed flounder, people blame the cause of the flounder being mushy to cooking (ie. cooking to long, too close to the broiler etc). I think your problem could be the flounder you are buying. You may not be buying true flounder, although the package might say flounder.

I would bet you are actually getting Arrowtooth Flounder, these fish have a poor flesh quality.
The reason for this is that they release a enzyme when caught that softens the meat.

My suggestion would be to try and find true Flounder or use Sole as a substitute.

Thanks for visting.
Frank(the cookingfishmonger)

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mushy flounder
by: Anonymous

I just had the run in with mushy flounder. Tasted okay if you were making fish soup! Thank you for all the comments. Tremendously helpful.

by: Anonymous

I have had real flounder. The flesh is not gooey. Mushy. Nor taste fishy. The stuff the husband bought must be this fish. The dogs like it. Fried. Broiled. On stove with pam sprayed griddle. Nasty. Shame on such being sold and not letting it be known not the real deal. Thirty five bucks to feed the dogs.

same mushy fish
by: Anonymous

This has happen twice to me, latest was arrowhead flounder. Baked for 11 mins and it was like soup when I went to test to see if it was done. Maybe it is Ok for sushi, but not for cooking..

mushy fish
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your info. My husband keeps blaming my cooking or he says overcooking the fish. Ha I was right! Im being sold the incorrect fish!

Mushy flounder
by: Anonymous

Flounder can be mushy due to having been soaked in fresh water. Being a thin sided fish it is more susceptible to fresh water intrusion than some larger, thicker fish. If the fishery that caught, cleaned and dressed the fish exposed it to fresh water for a significant period it will imbibe the fresh water and be soft. Salt water fish should be cleaned in salt water to avoid this, especially flounder. Unfortunately when you buy the fish in the market there isn't much you can do about it.

Arrowtooth flounder
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tip about arrowtooth I thought flounder was flounder. Have tried cooking it fast and for a short time I was almost able to eat it but will buy real flounder from now on.

Arrowtooth flounder cooking
by: Anonymous

Mushy Arrowtooth flounder-Yes =it is - try drying several times on paper towels & this fish MUST=MUST be cooked @ high temps & quickly- very short times also -if baking/ broiling /frying - heat the pan / skillet hot 1st & use little cooking spray= if breading & frying in deep oil?? Use an egg batter & your favorite mix of flour/ cornmeal- again hot -hot oil & cooks quickly - don't wait for it to brown as it will usually be mushy then

Mushy flounder
by: Anonymous

I bought wild caught frozen flounder and I baked it frozen in my NuWave oven and it came out as a mush. So I tried it breaded, thawed it first,and fried it the next time. The crust was crispy and some of the flesh was flakey, the rest was mushy inside the crust. So dissapointed.

Turbot and sole should not be mushy
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, seafood distributors have often played fast and loose with renaming fish as something that will sell.

If your turbot or sole is mushy, then there are two likelihoods;

1). It was allowed to spoil at some point before it was cooked, either by the processor, the seller or the consumer, or

2). You were sold arrowtooth flounder as turbot or sole, and this happens.

mushy flounder
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info on the Arrowtooth. When I advised my market about my mushy flounder results they told me I must have cooked it wrong. Excuse me? They said you can only fry flounder! Not worth continuing my conversation with them so I'll just copy some online Fish Facts and drop it off for their education and my satisfaction.

Turbot sole is always mushy
by: Anonymous

I would stay away from turbot sole if you do not care for a mushy texture. That is the character of this species of fish.

Mushy Flounder!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the explanation! I rarely have culinary failures with fish but last night's dinner was a disaster. I never knew about this "faux" flounder and went purely by the packaging label. Thanks again!

mushy sole
by: Anonymous

My sole comes out mushy too. I broil it for 3 minutes on each side of a filet. Is that too long to cook?

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