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The Flavor of Hake & Best Way to Cook it!

by Cyndi

I love cod but today when at the fish market, I saw they had Hake. Visually is was similar to cod with the exception of being more on the pinkish side. I was informed it is still a white fish firmer yet as flaky when cooked and as mild a taste as cod.
Can you confirm the taste being similar?

Hi Cyndi
There are many species of Hake, a couple of the more common found are the Cape Capensis and Antarctic queen. Hake should be mild tasting and even a little sweet.

I think you my find that the texture will not be like cod. Although flaky Hake with have the texture similar to sole.

As far as cooking it, you should do just fine cooking it like you would your cod. Hake is excellent fried, sauted or baked. and since it has a mild flavor you can use a wide range of seasonings on it.

Hope this helped. Let me know how it turned out.

Thanks for visiting,

The Cookingfishmonger

Comments for The Flavor of Hake & Best Way to Cook it!

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Nasty flavored Costco hake
by: Cape Coral

At Costco I bought wild caught hake a product of Namibia. No way this is a mild fish! It has a strong unpleasant flavor more like whiting than any other fish I can think of for comparison. I hoped to find hints how to make it palatable but reviews seem to describe fish that is of intrinsically good flavor. I think this is bound for the trash.

by: Anonymous

Just bought hake at Costco as well. Read several recipes so I made it with leeks, garlic, white wine, butter and parsley,
Lightly coated the tenders with Wondra before sautéing then for about 5 minutes, then finished cooking Ina low oven while I made musfdoom distortion from Trafer Joes. Wow, what a nice dinner.,

Costco Hake is the best
by: Anonymous

Costco hake is very tasty, easily our favorite fish. Not fishy at all. The one who commented that it is fishy may not have even tried it at all.

Good Stuff w easy cilantro aioli sauce
by: T&MC

We just bought some of the Costco Hake after reading the info and comments here. It was delicious! Not fishy. Sauteed 4 fillets with a little butter. When the fish was about 2/3 of the way cooked I drained much of the liquid from the pan, added a heaping tsp of minced fresh garlic, some salt and pepper, and a big handful of chopped cilantro. When the fish was done. I turned the heat off and stirred in 2-3 Tbsp. Best Foods light mayo(light blue on the bottom edge of the label NOT the low fat one with green on the label - its disgusting. The light is very good). This made a nice creamy garlic cilantro sauce - similar to an aioli sauce. We both loved it and we do not like fishy fish.

Costco Hake is fine and wild caught
by: Anonymous

I also cook hake from Costco. Not fishy at all. I do cook it just like cod. In our house we use mostly coconut oil which allows high heat, so maybe that accounts for success with hake and no fishy overtones. Best with a spicey mayo. Remove fish from pan and keep warm - preferably steel pan(no teflon), and cook asparagus in the fond left there. Excellent mix of flavors. Wild caught fish of any kind is better than farmed.

by: Anonymous

Very vague/generalistic. Esp in terms of how to prepare.

To above comment, Costco version is fishy.

delicious hake
by: Anonymous

just cooked Hake for the first time and it was delicious. I saute'd it in butter and served it over rice with a lemon sauce. I bought the package of frozen Hake at Costco. I hope they keep carrying it.

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