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Using Shrimp As Part of a Premade Freezer Meal

by Nan
(Suwanee, GA)

Hi, What's the best way to use frozen shrimp in a freezer meal? I want to make meals using shrimp for my supper club. Can I make a casserole, cool it, and add frozen uncooked shrimp right before freezing? I want to avoid overcooking the shrimp and thought this might be ok since the shrimp would cook while the rest of the dish reheats (about 30 minutes).

Also would the shrimp be safe if someone defrosted the meal in the fridge overnight?
Thanks so much!


I think you will have to experiment with this. I'm not sure the shrimp will get cooked from the frozen state in 30 minutes. Casseroles with shrimp usually require a cooking time of 30 minutes with all the ingredients thawed.

Smaller sized shrimp might get cooked, while jumbo or colossal shrimp may not.

As far as thawing, I don't see a problem with this. My only concern would be if the frozen shrimp has been glazed with anything to prolong the shelf life in the freezer.

It is always a good practice to rinse your shrimp before cooking them.

If you do experiment with this please let me know how it comes out.

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