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What Might This Fish Be?

On a recent trip to Virginia Beach, I went to a seafood restaurant and ordered a seafood platter (fried, of course -- I was on vacation!). Surprisingly, my favorite item on the platter was the "fish of the day" -- which was delicious and perfectly prepared; usually my faves are the shellfish, but this was a distinct exception. I asked the server what it was, and she told me it was trout. Of course I knew it was NOT trout -- I know what trout looks and tastes like and this wasn't trout! However, I didn't pursue the issue as she was a really nice server and I didn't want to offend her. Now I wish I had, because I can't stop thinking about this wonderful fish, and I want to find it and cook it at home! When I found your fish taste chart I was sure it would help me out -- but alas, every fish listed was described as MILD in taste, and the fish I loved in the restaurant was definitely NOT mild! It tasted like FISH -- in a GOOD way, of course. It was a filet, not a steak; its texture was substantial, with medium-size flaking; it had a very thin black (or dark) layer on one side (I assume the outside); the thicker flesh was pure white; it was battered or breaded and deep fried or pan fried (if I had to guess, I'd choose battered and deep); and it had a WONDERFUL "fishy" flavor that I loved!!! Sorry I can't provide a more accurate description, but I really hope you can help me identify this delicious fish, or at least provide me with a selection of possibilities so that I can search them out, one by one, until I find that glorious taste once again! THANK YOU very much for any help you're able to offer. -- Norma in Florida

Hi Norma

My best guess would be that you were served spotted sea trout. Another name for this would be
speckled trout. It is not a member of the Trout family, but it is a member of the drum family.

For a substitution you could try Arctic char, which will have much darker me but similar in flavor. Snapper could come in close, but I think it will have a much milder taste than the Sea trout.

If you do fine some sea trout let me know if this was a fish you were after.

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Sea trout
by: Anonymous

Fabulous tasting fish, the sea trout. I wrap it in aluminum foil with three slices of lemon in the cut. Make sure the foil is waterproof by using extra layers and.....cook in the dishwasher. Succulent!

Your Welcome
by: Frank-The Cookingfishmonger

Glad I could help.

by: Anonymous

Frank, THANKS very much for your response! I've never heard of sea trout -- no surprise; I don't know much about fish other than what I see in the grocery store. "Sea trout" makes sense, given that the server told me it was "trout," and I was sure she was wrong! There are a couple of seafood markets here, so I will ask about sea trout or speckled trout there -- and of course there are other, presumably larger, seafood markets in nearby cities. If I can't find sea trout I will try arctic char, which I'm sure I've seen somewhere -- maybe frozen? I am definitely going to pursue this, and I really appreciate your assistance!

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