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Which is Better? Farm Raised or Wild Caught Catfish

by Christine
(Rio Rancho, NM 87124)

Hi. I recently started working in the seafood department of a grocery store and get asked a lot the difference between farm raised and wild caught. Which is better?

Answer: That is one of the most often questions I got asked at the fish market too.

The difference is, a farm raised catfish is feed catfish food pellets that float on the surface of the water. A wild caught catfish, feeds off the bottom of the lakes, rivers and streams they live in.

Wild caught catfish can have what is called a off flavor or muddy flavor to them. Because of the water they live in and that they feed off muddy bottoms.

Not all wild caught catfish will have an off flavor. I have caught many catfish in spring-fed ponds, that where fantastic.

Some times farm raised catfish will get an off flavor too. But the catfish farmers and processors try to avoid this by taste testing the catfish before harvesting.

So which is better?
Well that really depends on the person taste. Some people grew up eating wild caught and like catfish with a more fishy (off flavor) flavor.

But I would say the majority of people prefer farm raised catfish, due to it's sweet, mild flavor.

Thanks Christine
Your fishmonger

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Wild caught is always better
by: Anonymous

Wild caught fish is almost always better for your health because they are higher in omega 3 fatty acids. Wild caught fish feed on natural foods like crill, shrimp, bugs, etc. Omega 3 fatty acids are a major reason to eat fish for cardiovascular health.

Farmed fish are fed pellets made from grains and are much lower omega 3 content.

Just like grass fed beef is way better for your health with higher omega 3 fatty acids, wild caught fish is almost always better for your health.

Wild caught

Line caught / Wild caught catfish is the BEST tasting catfish. The Mississippi river produces some of the best & biggest catfish in the U.S.A. from the giant blues near St. Louis to the delectable channel cat from the Quad cities & every Flathead {my personal favorite} in between, you will have a hard time finding better catfish any where.

by: Anonymous

I grew up in CT and caught our own catfish from a COLD spring fed pond. PERFECTLY delicious.

Moved decades later to St. Louis in 1981 and bought farm raised catfish - it was like CARDBOARD. I threw it out!

I want wild caught catfish, snapping turtle, our own wild frogs legs (Chinese farm raised frogs legs are AWFUL).

I will NOT eat farm raised any fish or shrimp. It is NOT like the real thing.

RE: Which is Better? Farm Raised or Wild Caught Catfish
by: Glenda

I've had catfish in California and Washington and both tasted "muddy" to me. Then I bought some that the package said were wild-caught from one of the southern states. It was delish!!

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